3 Questions

  Spock1958 19:11 30 Sep 07

1) How well does Dreamweaver work on Vista?

2) Dreamweaver 8 is available for £27 from [url=click here]This supplier[/url]. Has anyone any good or bad experiences of this supplier?

3) My websites are designed using Macromedia Contribute 3, but this didn't work for me properly on Vista. Can Contribute web pages be imported into Dreamweaver and be worked on immediately?

  Spock1958 19:12 30 Sep 07

The url of the supplier is:

click here

  Spock1958 19:13 30 Sep 07

The first question should say Dreamweaver 8.

  Forum Editor 19:35 30 Sep 07

1. Yes.

2. I woldn't go anywhere near a supplier which offered a $400 software application for £27

3. I see no reason why you wouldn't be able to import your contribute pages.

  Spock1958 16:24 01 Oct 07

I would rather hear first hand experience of this supplier if possible.

  mco 17:02 01 Oct 07

I would too, in so far as I am also sceptical. They have only been in business since August 2007 and -even though they say it isn't boxed - I see can't see how they can offer DW8 for £27. Even the students' discount version is more expensive than that.

  cycoze 17:08 01 Oct 07

RE #2...

Established since August 2007 , bit hard to find anyone with first hand experience really.

They state that the software comes from various sources, amongst those are "stores who had to make room for new releases", i was not aware that replacements were available for the likes of CS3.

Most of the software is un-boxed suggesting a digital download, that too knocks the "shops making shelf space" theory on the head too.

Some of their "Specials" boxed software like Norton Firewall 2006 and Windows Vista Home 32bit are inflated prices on their site.

Sorry i have not answered your specific question either, but your obviously wanting someone to come in and say "yes i bought from them and they are safe etc", or "don`t go there because...".

  mco 17:12 01 Oct 07

I just did - some sceptical people around regarding this company; message is steer well clear.

  gibbs1984 17:36 01 Oct 07

Sorry to be another negative person but I did a Google and this was the first non exisoftware link I found.

click here

Even though someone mentions them being advertised on Amazon :o/

Give them a go and let me know* ;o)

*I wouldn't though if I were you.

  Spock1958 17:52 01 Oct 07

It does seem to be less than trustworthy.

  Forum Editor 18:25 01 Oct 07

Common sense dictates that nobody can legitimately sell expensive software for a fraction of its normal price. The mere fact that the site says the software is not boxed should sound a big warning bell - why isn't it boxed? It comes from the manufacturers in a box.

I repeat my earlier caution - I wouldn't touch this software with a ten-foot pole.

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