3 optical drives setup

  cycoze 20:08 19 Feb 04

I have a Gigabyte motherboard a K7 Triton series GA-7N400 Pro2 , the board has 2 S-ATA connections which are used as master and slave , the board also has 4 ide slots , currently i have a DVD-ROM and a CD-RW connected to ide2 , the manual reccommends that setup , everything works well.

Question is , i now want to install a DVD-RW , which ide do i use ?

IDE 3 and 4 i gather are for a hard drive RAID setup , but can they be used for optical drives , would it be ok to use IDE1 and set the drive as master.

  bremner 20:10 19 Feb 04

As your DVD writer will write CD's why not just replace the CD Writer?

  Jonathan-295313 20:49 19 Feb 04

I know it's not related but, ............. Did you get the Norton Internet Security 2003 on your utilities disk? When I try to install it, it seems to have worked, but it hasn't. There are no desktop icons and it's not in the programs list. I have tried 'find' and there are no results. Did you encounter any problems?

as far as i knew , you can use all 4 ide slots for anything not just hdd's on a recent gigbyte board .

has it got gigaraid , it'll say on the box or in the manual.

if it has then u can plug your dvdr into 3 or 4

  cycoze 20:59 19 Feb 04

Yes Norton Internet Security 2003 and i did install it on XP and re-booted (as you do), no desktop icons as it loads to the system tray by the clock.

If its not listed in add/remove i would try installing it again after flushing out your temp files , if it is listed in add/remove , remove it , reboot and try installing again .

  cycoze 21:09 19 Feb 04

Yes it has got gigaraid click here , in the manual it states - important notice - connect first hard disk to IDE1 and connect CD-ROM to IDE2.

For IDE3/4 it says - if you want to use IDE3 and IDE4 , please use in unity with BIOS (either Raid or ATA133) , then install correct driver to have proper operation.

As my Hard drives are SATA i cant see why i cant use IDE1 , and i guess i`m being a bit thick over IDE3/4 as i thought they were just for RAID.

  cycoze 18:14 20 Feb 04

Prior to this thread i emailed Gigabyte , all tech related mails go to Taiwan , so i knew i wouldnt get a return mail till today , their response was "all optical drives need connect to IDE1 and 2 , IDE 3 and 4 and Sata controller are for HDD only ."

Thanks for the input bremner , jon25 and SGT [email protected] , i will set the drive as master on IDE1.

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