3 Mobile broadband and Asus EE

  Paul R L 18:16 07 Apr 08

Will 3 mobile broadband work with Linux based Asus EE which I am thinking about getting. Have been told not in one shop but have seen some posts that say Linux does work on this network.

  Ashrich 18:27 08 Apr 08

I think it would be more a case of compatible drivers being available than anything else , the drivers for Windows etc. are stored on the device itself , whether others are about for the Asus and it's brand of Linux , I really don't know . click here for some useful details and some drivers .


  Ashrich 18:30 08 Apr 08

Forgot to say , the 3 modem is a Huawei as are Vodafone and T Mobile's , so if you can compile them yourself these drivers may well work .


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