3 3 3 3 3 3 3

  Brock100 12:50 13 Mar 03

Please get rid of that stupid 3 its your add I dont want it

  Aspman 12:52 13 Mar 03

I hate that floaty flash crap.
Stick to the banners.

  carlsberg 12:52 13 Mar 03

here here here here here here here

  Tog 12:54 13 Mar 03

The chuffing 3s are really hacking me off like no other pop-up has ever managed before. I don't know what they are advertising, I don't care and I refuse to leave my tantrum long enough to check.


  Belatucadrus 12:55 13 Mar 03

One more to the list, this must be the most irritating popup for months get rid of it !

  €dstow 12:57 13 Mar 03

Use Opera and set it to not accept popups.

This 3 thing must be to do with the new tangozebra site that loads up on each page refresh (you can see what rubbish or otherwise is loading on Opera).


  €dstow 13:04 13 Mar 03

The most irritating popup ever was last week on BT Openworld homepage with a large size popup (can't remember what it was advertising) together with a rendition of the "Goodbye" song from the Sound of Music. The ad. failed in its mission because, as I've said, I can't remember anything about what it was advertising - its the same with all of these intrusions.

When will the advertisers and all associated companies realise that you don't gain customers by irritating them? My company does a fair amount of advertising work but a big no-no as far as I'm concerned is anything that antagonises the potential customer.


  Tog 13:07 13 Mar 03
  Belatucadrus 13:10 13 Mar 03

Yes !! I've killed it, Naviscopes popup stopper didn't help, but block javascript and the 3 vanishes. Result.

  gilla 13:50 13 Mar 03

It's b....y irritating go to blazes PC Advisor

  obbit 14:32 13 Mar 03

my browser stops any popup yet invented

click here

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