2nd Vista install

  Bailey08787 13:11 20 Jun 09


I wish to prepare a new install of Vista on a second hard drive, whilst keeping my original install of Vista on drive number one.

I'll then connect/disconnect the appropriate drive, depending on which I wish to boot from.

Will I have any issues with Vista, in terms of it thinking its being used twice (when really its only the one user)?

  mgmcc 13:24 20 Jun 09

Provided Vista is being installed in exactly the same hardware, other than the hard drive itself, there shouldn't be a problem "activating" it again.

I have had Vista installed in two separate drives, used with the same computer, although I achieved it by restoring an Acronis True Image backup to the second hard drive, rather than installing Vista a second time.

  Pine Man 13:30 20 Jun 09

'I'll then connect/disconnect the appropriate drive, depending on which I wish to boot from'

Thats a bit long winded why don't you install a boot manager and then select which drive you want at startup?

I'm sure a google check will find some freebies or someone will make a recommendation

  Bailey08787 13:42 20 Jun 09

thanks for the feedback

The reason for the second install of Vista on the 2nd drive is that I'm planning on passing my pc on to my girlfriend's son, and just want to set him up with a clean install and some games.

I'm not planning on regularly switching between the two installs.

Once I pass it over to him, I'll build myself a new machine using Windows 7 (and hopefully set up my current drive as a slave drive and be able to access all the files without too much difficulty) (touch wood)

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