2nd hdd recognition prob!

  second best 17:49 27 Jun 03

hi, i recently had a severe prob with xp pro, or at least i think it was xp that caused it. anyway, i could only access the task manager and the comp wouldn't load the desktop, nor could i boot using safe mode. to fix this i have installed 98se on my second hdd and i'm now trying to access my original drive using it as a slave. the drive is aknowledged in the bios and i can see it in device manager, but i have no access to it. can you help?

  woodchip 17:53 27 Jun 03

Are they both fat32 if not you are not going to see the info from 98

  second best 17:58 27 Jun 03

hi woodchip, thnxs. the other drive has xp pro on it, which i guess is NTFC, but like i said it had probs and i couldn't access it.

  second best 18:05 27 Jun 03

woodchip, can you give me any advice on the problem in the first place then. i closed it down one night last week, and when i tried to boot up the next day all i could get was my desktop wallpaper. it wouldn't boot up in safe mode either. however, i could access the taskmanager and see all the contents of my drive, i just couldn't access a lot of it. i could still connect to the internet, though i could not load any pages as it seems i had not space on my hdd or i was out of memory, both of which were not true.

  woodchip 18:12 27 Jun 03

I run Win98 but you could try starting with the XP disc, you need your cmos changing to start with CD as the first boot device, also change the disc's back round as you had them at first. The XP disc should allow you to do a repair of XP or reinstall over the top. I am having some probs with the PCA site at the mo as it?s not loading page, it?s just about come to a stop I had this about three day?s ago.

  second best 18:17 27 Jun 03

ok, i 'll give it another go, can you give me a comnplete run thru of what i need to do. i have trtied to reinstall xp but i got a message:

<windows root>\system32\hal.dll

this file was apparently missing and i couldn't install it. however, i was quite annoyed and frustrated a the time so i might have missed something.

  Rtus 18:19 27 Jun 03

Same here, Servers/routers, under heavy traffic maybe..

  woodchip 18:31 27 Jun 03

It's stopping on Vibrantmedia server, every time.

second best

I do not know how you had it set up before but you need to change it back to what it was. Then try what I said above with regard to cmos when you start you computer enter setup and change the first boot device to the CD-ROM then start with the CD

  woodchip 18:32 27 Jun 03

Site seems as if it's picked up a bit now

  Quiller. 18:45 27 Jun 03

In your first post I think you were asking how to boot up from 98? You could probably do this by switching the jumpers on your hard drives. Make 98 the master and X\P the slave. This should boot up 98 and if the file format of X\P is FAT32. You should be able to see the disk.

To use the repair option for X\P. Disable the slave "98" drive by unplugging the IDE ribbon. Enter the bios and have first boot to cdrom. Save settings and exit. Insert the X\P disk into the cdrom and bootup. Follow the procedure as if you were going to do a fresh install. You will get an option to do a fresh install or repair X\P. pick repair with a "r". Hopefully this should get you running again.

  second best 19:07 27 Jun 03

thnxs all. bsod, i have just tried it again. here's exactly what i did.

switched off. changed back to original config: master hdd with xp and slave, now with 98se. cmos changed to cdrom 1st boot.

installed xp disk. options start windows xp pro
satrt windows xp pro setup.

gone to setup and it reboots. i ge tthis message:
this file is missing or corrupt, please reinstall from disk <windows root>\system32\hal.dll ????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

don't know what to do now.

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