2nd Hard Drive running slow in caddy

  prince midas 10:40 28 Dec 08

I have a 160 Maxtor Hard Drive as my mine drive running at 67 mb per sec and a identical hard drive running in a caddy.
Up to a few weeks ago I could load the PC with 2 hard drives in about 2 minutes and I still can if I remove the Caddy drive but if I startup with both drives it takes about 5 minutes.Checking the speed of the Caddie drive it is about 3 MB per sec and to make an image drive without the caddie takes about 12 minutes and with the Caddie about 50 minutes as against previously it took about 13 minutes with the Caddie.

I am not trying to confuse you but to show how the Caddies drive as slowed Down.Is it possible that the Caddie Connection as become faulty over the last 3 years and if I connect the 2nd hard drive direct to the PC without the Caddie things will improve.

  Pamy 10:45 28 Dec 08

Can you try another caddy?

  prince midas 10:56 28 Dec 08

Unfortunately I have not got another Caddie and when checking with a local shop they tell me this is quite a common problem.

If I go down the road to install the 2nd hard drive direct to the PC I have a couple of questions or more.

Do I Set the 2nd hard drive as a Primary or Logical Drive,Do I make it NTFS as the other Drive or Fat32.

  Pamy 14:08 28 Dec 08

If it's an ATA(not sata) drive I would set it as "slave" and just use as before, no nead to alter anything else unless you want to

  prince midas 14:40 28 Dec 08

Thanks Pamy.

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