2nd hard drive not showing in "my computer"

  davelambo 13:24 10 Aug 06

i have just installed xp home on a pc for a friend.
this pc has 2 hard drives,a 20gb and a 40gb.
xp home is installed on the 20gb drive but when i go to "my computer"it doesnt list the 2nd drive.
it is recognised in the bios and in device manager.
does anyone know how to get the 2nd drive to show?
thanking you in advance for any help.

  FelixTCat 13:48 10 Aug 06


If you haven't created partitions or formatted the drive, it won't show.

Go to Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Computer Management - Disk Management, click on Disk 1 and right-click in the space. Then format the disk and it will show up in My Computer



  UncleP 13:55 10 Aug 06

Go to Disk Management (Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Computer Management/). If the drive is recognised, it should be included in the list at the top of this window, with manufacturer's name, capacity etc.

On the lower RHS of this window there should be a list of entries for each memory/storage unit detected, numbered from Disk 0 (the main C: drive) upwards. Find the entry for the second disk; on the LHS the device should be marked as on-line. If it is not, right-click on the drive here to bring up a short menu which includes 'initialize'. This may take some time to bring the device on-line.

Then right-click on the RHS of the entry for the second disk to bring up a menu which includes 'make active' and also allows you to assign a fixed drive letter (obviously avoiding those already in use).

If you have any problems, post back with the details. If the disk already has data on it, take care and don't format it even if invited so to do.

  UncleP 14:06 10 Aug 06

Sorry, went off to make a cup of coffee, and didn't look to see FelixTCat's entry which points you in the right direction. I assumed that both disks had been in use before installing XP. If the data on the second disk has been backed up, then it may be simpler to format the disk and re-install the data (depends on what the previous OS was).

  davelambo 14:06 10 Aug 06

Thanks for the info guys.
The drive was formatted before being installed on the pc.
I will have a go at the administrive tools bit and let you know how i got on.
kind regards,Dave..

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