2nd Hard Drive for backup

  Ade_1 19:08 31 Dec 05

Hi, I am looking for a small hard drive for backup use only. If i do this, will i have to buy Windows XP to install on it?

  Ade_1 19:09 31 Dec 05

Where can i find out (without opening case) can i find out if i can fit another SATA in my comptuer?

  firerescue999 19:14 31 Dec 05

No you don't need to install windows on the 2nd hard drive. You have to adjust the jumper settings on the back of the drive to slave.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:16 31 Dec 05

The first bit is easy - no need to buy another OS.

Generally speaking you can't tell without opening the PC -if you know the model of the pc, post details and we can see.

  belt_and_braces 19:16 31 Dec 05

to see if there is any spare "slots" available - usually works

  DieSse 19:16 31 Dec 05

*If i do this, will i have to buy Windows XP to install on it?*


What are you planning to back up? - if the new drive is smaller than the existing drive, for a complete system backup it'll have to be a compressed image.

*Where can i find out (without opening case) can i find out if i can fit another SATA in my comptuer?*

I've not seen a SATA Mboard without two SATA connections. To find this out for sure, (and lots of other good stuff about your system) download and run Everest from click here - it's free.

  Ade_1 19:17 31 Dec 05

Dell Dimension 5100

  DieSse 19:19 31 Dec 05

There's no master/slave settings for SATA drives - They each have their own individual connection, so don't need any jumpers to tell the system which one is which.

  Ade_1 19:20 31 Dec 05

ok, i was just planning on keeping the important thigns, as not everything i have on my current hard drive woudl be neccessary if it failed. IT was mainly just in case somethign happened and i had copies of things that were very important.

  Ade_1 19:21 31 Dec 05

So jsut to clarify i woudl be ok just installing a new SATA, but i dont seem to understand how if i cant set it as slave, how can Win XP be on there?

  DieSse 19:21 31 Dec 05

As an alternative to another internal drive, consider getting an external cased drive with a USB connection. You won't even have to go into your system to fit and ues it - and for extra safety you can keep the backup disconnected from the system when not in use.

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