2nd floppy

  conrail 19:04 11 Jan 04

using xp pro have been given a computer to canabise, I have put the floppy into my pc as a b-drive, have used 1 cable from m.board to both floppy's and both have power but 2nd floppy not recognised, swapping connections to each floppy will get 2nd drive working as A but not 1st, cable is new so hoping it is faulty, anybody had similar problems can help, my wife and I have work on floppy's going back 10 years which is needed and used regularly

  Djohn 19:06 11 Jan 04

Have you be into the BIOS and enabled the second floppy?

  AubreyS 19:06 11 Jan 04

Can you not copy all that work to CD?

  DieSse 20:31 11 Jan 04

Djohn's suggestion is probably correct - but why do you want 2 floppy drives - it confers no advantages of any kind?

  VoG II 20:33 11 Jan 04

I hope that all this work on floppies is backed-up somewhere - they can and do fail.

  woodchip 20:44 11 Jan 04

You can only use one floppy at once, So why

  conrail 21:18 11 Jan 04

thanks for suggestion Djohn, never been into bios, will have a look, to answer other reply's: all work on floppy's is needed because work computers have cd drive disabled and only floppy drive enabled so all data on 2 floppy's and sorted into headings, so always have a backup floppy of all work as would be disasterous to lose any information and just thought that as I have 2nd drive can save to 2 discs without swapping, login in there somewhere

  woodchip 21:22 11 Jan 04

Not wanting to offend, but does you computer still burn wood. It would be nice to know what Operating System you are still using

  woodchip 21:23 11 Jan 04

Sorry I see the above on OS

  Audeal 21:26 11 Jan 04

He states that he uses XP Pro.

  conrail 21:39 11 Jan 04

thanks so much for your help Djohn, that has worked fine

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