2nd BT Home Hub 3 router...what to do with it?

  nick_j007 14:39 PM 14 Aug 12

I have sitting on the shelf an unused BT router Home Hub 3. I use one for my internet in the home already, so wondering what to do with the second one. To use it or sell it? Is there any way I can use it to extend the strength of the signal around the property? Like a repeater sitting downstairs?


  northumbria61 15:44 PM 14 Aug 12

Have a read here - enter link description here

  northumbria61 15:47 PM 14 Aug 12

Note - If you are talking about using the 2 routers indepenantly - both connected to the same phone line then the answer is you can but you can only use one at a time as the adsl will only accept one connection from one device.

So you could use the upstairs one while the downstairs is turned off but this kinda defeats what I think you want to do. You cannot have both routers connected to a the same phoneline and connected to the internet at the same time.

  KRONOS the First 16:17 PM 14 Aug 12

Have a look here. Bridged router. I have know idea whether this can be done with a BT hub but it certainly can be done with many routers. I have two Netgear routers connected, one of course acting as a bridge which is what I think you want to do.

Found this which hopefully will help: BT hub x 2


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