2nd attempt at getting help with a Dos problem

  SHUNNA 14:00 09 Mar 03

Can any of you software boffins please help me?
I run a self-build with an 1800XP+ ,256Mb of Pc2100 DDr and a 13Gb HD.I`m still using Win98 SE cos I can`t afford WinXP yet.

The problem is that when I try to use Power Quest Drive Image 5 prior to upgrading my HD. when it gets to the bit where it restarts the comp in dos, screen goes black then Windows restarts?
If I select restart in Dos in the win start menuI get C:\WINDOWS>_on the screen instead of the normal Dos prompt C:\>_ This is presant on the screen but further up before the lines saying Microsoft(R)WINDOW98copyright etc
If I enter cd:\ up comes the prompt C:\>_
I then tried to run an old Dos gaming Cd by entering the correctD:GO after the prompt but all i get is the message "Invalid drive spec."

Can anyone help cos I`m stuck?

  Andsome 14:06 09 Mar 03

You may be better off refreshing this thread when the people who log on only when at work have started tomorrow. A lot of the real clever dicks don't use their computers at week ends.

  Pesala 14:10 09 Mar 03

Does the CD ROM drive show as drive D: in Explorer? Can you not run the game in a DOS window from that?

  cream. 14:11 09 Mar 03

Hi. Am I correct in thinking you are trying to run a c\drom from dos? You will not be able to do this with windows c\d drivers, what you would need is something like a "samsung cd\dvd-rom device driver" for dos, this comes on a floppy disk. If you want to send me a message, yellow envelope, I will stick one in the post for you.

The other thing is are you trying to run a dos based game from dos? The usual way is to load it on windows and when you start it up it will run in a msdos window.

  Longnose 14:17 09 Mar 03

Use a Win 98SE startup disk to boot up with CD-ROM support.

From there change to correct drive (might move your drive one letter down due to RAM drive).

Type eg E: dir to see all files and directories on CD. Select your required program file eg setup etc.

  SHUNNA 15:01 09 Mar 03

Thanks for replying everyone, but I think I`ve included a Red Herrring with the blurb about "the old dos game Cd" The real question is why can`t i run Power Quest Drive Image 5, in Dos like its supposed to run? ie. why does my comp just restart in Windows when it says it`s going to restart in dos?

  Longnose 15:30 09 Mar 03

I am not familiar with PowerQuest products but is sounds like it might be installation problems. Try reinstalling PowerQuest again.

Good luck...

  Longnose 15:32 09 Mar 03


You do have a second HDD installed?

  AudioVic' 17:54 09 Mar 03

Config.sys and Autoexec.bat files?

These can be checked by openibg in Windows Notepad or by clicking START, RUN and typing sysedit or msconfig. then click on go!

Be very careful with these file though, as even though Win 98 can work without them some dos apps cannot.

The two files are found on the root ie C:\ and can be seen in explorer. Many dos apps and CD rom dos drivers back these up with a typical extension of .tsh or .bck

I hope this helps. perhaps you could post a copy of the contents of each of them for vus to see.

  AudioVic' 18:03 09 Mar 03

You can access the congig.sys and autoexec.bat from the command prompt in dos mode by typing at the dos prompt:

C:\type autoexec.bat or
C:\edit autoexec.bat

similarly with config.sys:

C:\type config.sys or
C:\edit config.sys

It is wise to back them up so you can find the originals first. I use the first three letters of my name. You could use yours by, at the dos prompt typing C:\Copy Autoexec.bat autoexec.shu same with config.sys. Te restore is just a reversal of the foregoing.

  DieSse 18:33 09 Mar 03

If you get to the prompt c:/windows> - this is DOS.

That's all DOS is - a prompt on the screen with the DOS system running.

If you want to start a program from here, you must know where is is (which directory) and what the program name is. For instance, if you wanted to start Drive Image, you simply do a change Directory to where Drive Image is, then type the program name to Run it.

For example:-

At starting prompt C:/windows>


CD (followed by name of directory where DI is) (Ret)

then type DI (Ret) or whatever the name of the program actually is - to run it.

(Ret) = hit the return key.

If you can tell us where you version of DI is stored on your hard Drive, then someone will give you the exact commands to do this, rather than just the general principles.

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