2mb/8mb benefits

  steve stifler 19:00 04 Apr 08

Hi could someone summarise the benefits of upgrading fom 2mb to 8mb broadband connection.

  anskyber 19:02 04 Apr 08

Assuming you can actually get it as opposed to the theoretical "up to 8 megs" you will not notice much speed inprovement for surfing. You will see a significant improvement in file downloads.

  Ditch999 19:04 04 Apr 08

Apart from the obvious benefit that it is up to 4 times faster when you are surfing the net or downloading updates etc it is actually 2 times quicker to upload anything as well. It is better all round especially if you play online games.

  steve stifler 19:10 04 Apr 08

will surfing be four times faster?,not a big downloader or in any particular hurry download wise.

  anskyber 19:12 04 Apr 08


Beyond 2 megs improvements in surfing speeds are almost undetectable. You will be more at the mercy of the actual site speed than your BB speed.

  anskyber 19:13 04 Apr 08

The key improvements will be things like downloading updates or file transfer and downloads generally.

  steve stifler 19:13 04 Apr 08

thanks anskyber
2mbs will do for me.

  So Afraid 20:29 04 Apr 08

I have gone from 2megs and now connect at 4.5mbs and for me general surfing seems no faster,downloads can be.

  FatboySlim71 21:02 04 Apr 08

I was on a 2 meg package with my last ISP, when I changed ISP I was put on an up-to 8 meg package, the general browsing was more responsive/faster (for some sites) but the main difference that I noticed was the increased download speed, these increased a hell of a lot.

You have got to remember the big word with broadband speeds is "UP-TO" 8 meg service, there will be very few if any people who will get 8 meg, indeed the fastest you could possible get would be 7150 kbps due to the overheads.

I am on an up-to 8 meg package with Zen, I normally get around 6700kbps in the morning. I have just done a test now and got 6500kbps, but other people would be different as there are factors that affect the speeds that you can get, age and condition of wiring (internally and externally) the distance you are from the telephone exchange. Any one of these factors can reduce your possible speed.

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