2K Help - Removing Dual Boot

  tbh72 14:51 28 Apr 03

My Laptop has win98se, in the past I had win2K installed. Win2K has been removed but I am still prompted at start up to choose either


or Win98se

Can I just delete a file from my C: drive so 98se loads with out having to be selected.

I notice there is a file called BOOT.PRV, which contains the information of the bootup sequence.

Is it as simple as deleting this file or do I have to do more.

  temp003 15:37 28 Apr 03

Don't know why your file is called boot.prv, and not the usual boot.ini

Anyway, your computer is still using the 2000 boot loader.

To revert to the 98 boot files, prepare a 98 boot floppy. Restart computer with it, and at the A:> prompt, type sys C: and press Enter. You should then get a message which says system transferred. Remove floppy and restart. It should go straight into 98.

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