2gb ram ????

  stephen1978 18:41 18 Apr 09

hi guys i have a question if someone could answer it foir me plz

i went a bought more ram today for my mother-in-laws pc (2gb) as she only had (256mb)

i done test online that told me her pc could support 2gb of ram but when ive put the 2gb into the pc i get to the desktop and the computer restarts it self all the time

does anyone no why???

  OTT_Buzzard 18:52 18 Apr 09

Check the following in BIOS:

RAM Voltage against RAM manufacturers spec (e.g. 1.8V)
Timings against RAM manufactureres spec (e.g. 4-4-4-12 or just CAS 4)

If you are not sure then post back what RAM you bought. It's usually fairly easy to look up.

If those are set correctly then download memtesti86 (click here), unzip and burn to CD.
Reboot your PC with your CD drive as first boot device. This will test the installed RAM to make sure it isn't defective. Takes around 30 minutes.

  OTT_Buzzard 18:56 18 Apr 09

If the first two checks above are ok, then feel free to post back with the specs of you mum's computer. It might help with determining the cause of the error.

  stephen1978 19:25 18 Apr 09

how do i do the 2 checks ????

  OTT_Buzzard 20:02 18 Apr 09

Depends on the PC. Most PCs as you switch them on will say 'Press(a key) to enter set-up' or 'Press(a key) to enter BIOS'.

Usually, but not always, the key is Del. Could also be F2 or F12.

What PC is it?

  (~oo~) 22:13 18 Apr 09

Where did you buy the ram?

Is it low or high density.

have you checked the manual to see what density of ram it can take?

Compatible speed, cass latency and voltage are one thing but if a machine will not accept high density memory, you've just got a heap of trouble.

  stephen1978 12:12 19 Apr 09

rite i wa told to go here click here

i bought the memory from a computer shop near my home this is whta i bought

1GB pc3200 400MHz DDR memory Module

  stephen1978 12:13 19 Apr 09

the page that is shown is from the computer in question

  stephen1978 12:25 19 Apr 09

how do find out about high denisty or low denisty??

  OTT_Buzzard 12:43 19 Apr 09

The memory you bought is the correct type, you now need to make sure that the voltages, frequencies and timings are properly set up in BIOS. Did you manage to get access to check?

  OTT_Buzzard 12:45 19 Apr 09

Note: the above assumes that the RAM you bought is unbuffered, Non ECC.

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