266MHz CPU Good enough for Broadband?

  Summer76 23:54 25 Mar 03


I'm days away from ordering BB (thanks to the help of some of you guys) :) and i'm starting to panic incase my CPU is so dated that I will not notice much of a difference than the normal isp dial up package. I don't usually have problems surfing the net and downloading games etc, not taking into account that of late Freeserve pulled a fast one and now I can hardly connect at speeds better than 24000bps.

I know this may sound like a daft question but if somebody could put my mind at ease? This is the last question I have on the matter.


  square eyes 00:01 26 Mar 03

I cannot comment about the increase of speed you will have with BB, but i wanted to say that im with freeserve anytime and ALWAYS connect between 45 and 50.6 kbps (mostly 50.6)

If suddenly you connect at 24 (which i presume is quite a drop to what you usualy get), then that may be something to do with your modem/driver.

People correct me if im wrong please

  Summer76 00:12 26 Mar 03

No I know it's got nothing to do with my modem. Freeserve have asked me to change the dialup number I use on numerous occasions apparently to give me a "better service". But since i've started using this new number my speeds have dropped considerably. Right now i'm on 21000bps. The highest i've been able to connect now is 33333bps.

I'd complain but as i'm getting broadband there's really no point.

  powerless 00:15 26 Mar 03

You'll be ok...

How much RAM do you have? That will help...

  Summer76 00:26 26 Mar 03

Thanks, my how I DO panic!

RAM 94 I've had some probs with that but i've sorted it and i'll have 256MB by the time I get my Broadband.

  LastChip 00:35 26 Mar 03


As regards Freeserve, try going back to your old number. You don't have to connect at any specific number, PROVIDED, the number is correct for the service you are buying.

Does that make sense?

  Summer76 01:00 26 Mar 03

Yes I understand what you mean, sadly I can't remember the numbers I used to use. If i'd known I could of kept my old numbers I would not have changed them in the first place. I'm with Freeserve Anytime and they even had the cheek to e mail me stating I would not be able to connect if I did not change my dialup number by a certain date. Ooh the nerve until then I was very happy with Freeserve. I'm in two minds whether to upgrade to there Broadband service now. Thankyou anyway.

  powerless 01:13 26 Mar 03

With BB you do not dial up a number, so connectivity shouldn't be a problem like dial up.

  jimv7 08:34 26 Mar 03

Mainly depends on your operating system and how you are going to connect to broad band.

For a usb adsl modem you need at least win 98, if you are going to use a network card (this is faster) then you should be ok.

  TECHNODIMWIT 08:43 26 Mar 03

Minimum Specifications
Operating System - Windows 98, 2000 Professional Edition, ME, XP Home Edition, XP Professional

Processor Speed - Pentium 166MHz (or equivalent)

Memory (RAM) - 64MB

Hard Drive Space - 60MB

PC Hardware - CD-ROM Drive, Sound & Graphics Card, USB port (recommended) - if not present Network Interface Card (Ethernet Card)

hope this helps


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