250GB HD Contains data - Not Formatted - NTFS?

  paranomia 23:45 10 Feb 06

Hi all - if this posting appears twice, my apologies.

I have been passed 2 250GB hard drives which contain data. The owner had these installed in a desktop unit back home (in the USA) but needed to use them with his laptop. He bought an external USB case and successfully used them for a while. Following an unexpected power loss, accessing the drives produces the 'do you want to format' dialogue.

I have dismounted the drives and installed them in a desktop - the drive management utility reports them as active and healthy, but not formatted. As they have been used for data only and don't have an operating system installed, I have not been able to use the fixmbr utility which I had hoped would help.

Has anyone successfully used a data recovery program in this type of situation or have any suggestions as to the next step forward?

  AndySD 23:53 10 Feb 06

I use Getdataback click here but its not free. You can try them for free though to see if it will find the files.

  Forum Editor 23:54 10 Feb 06

in a computer that has WindowsXP on it? If you can, you'll be able to format them from within Windows.

  paranomia 23:57 10 Feb 06

I have installed them in a machine with XP home on it. But surely if I format the drives I will lose the data?

  clayton 23:57 10 Feb 06

Ive had this problem before & used Restorer2000 again its not free.

click here

  clayton 00:03 11 Feb 06

Do not format the drives or you will loose all your data, search on google & see if you can find a free data recovery software.

  Skills 00:07 11 Feb 06

Ive used this one before its free click here takes some time thou

  paranomia 00:08 11 Feb 06

These were the types of software I was expecting to have to use - I don't think the cost is a problem, it is cheaper (and probably safer)than shipping all of his backups over from the USA!

I had seen a few of these on Google but wanted a bit of reassurance from someone who had used them. I will pick one and give it a go - probably tomorrow night - I will let everyone know how it goes :)

Thanks all, will keep you posted...

  AndySD 00:12 11 Feb 06


Remember to set the drives as slave to your one with the operating system on, also install the program on your drive. (I dont mean to patronise, it may help others when searching a fix)

If you know the format the drives had it will help in choosing the program to use.

  stylehurst 10:30 11 Feb 06

Try Drive Rescue available from here
click here
Has worked for me & is free

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