2.5 IDE hard drive

  Rtus 21:04 15 Oct 03

I'm looking for very cheap 2.5" laptop hard drive . I have to test the unit just in case its more than the drive at fault ..Boots ok to floppy (so Far) as its original drive (travel-star DJSA-205..ATA-IDE 4,200rpm..was accident damaged By a "sky diving cup"......no shute .. I cant find any suppliers of second user stuff ..Can any one help .or point me to a place to get one.. Any help appreciated..

  woodchip 21:11 15 Oct 03

Give these a ring they may have one as the do deal in refurbished computer click here

  Rtus 21:32 15 Oct 03

thanks woodchip ill give that a whiz in the morning.....

  mark e 21:53 15 Oct 03

There is a place called the computer exchang who specialise in second hand bits try a search.

  Rtus 10:03 16 Oct 03

Thanks ......had a look no hard drives available at the moment .....

  Rtus 12:10 16 Oct 03

Soke to morgan this morning , Only new 3.5" units available .. So still searching ..Thanks again Woodchip...

  Rtus 12:11 16 Oct 03

Ive come to the conclusion I dont hit the keyboard Hard enough.....( Spoke not soke )..... but you knew that eh..

  Rtus 20:08 16 Oct 03


  Rtus 12:08 17 Oct 03

Anyone any other Ideas ????

  Big Elf 12:22 17 Oct 03

Have a look here click here

Also get a copy of 'Micro Mart' which comes out on Thursdays. It usually carries a few private ads for laptop hard drives.

  Djohn 12:34 17 Oct 03

click here Have a second user one for £35.00 Not sure of dimensions though. j.

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