22inch or 25 inch monitor

  pmaguire651 18:01 PM 15 Jul 11

currently i am considering purchasing a new monitor for my computer. However i am debating whether to purchase a 21.5 inch or a 25 inch monitor. Currently i am looking into a 25 inch hanns G HH251HP or a 22 inch LG W2261VP. I do alot of PC and console gaming thus i require a monitor with a HDMI port. However I am just wondering whether 25 inch display will be to big considering it will be on my desk and therefore will be close to my eyes. Any help will be greatly appreciated Thanks Paul

  birdface 18:48 PM 15 Jul 11

Hi, This is your 3rd thread in about 2 weeks about buying a Monitor.

You are supposed to stick to the one thread so that folk can see what you have already posted.

If you are leaving this one open maybe go back to the others and class them as resolved.

[How to tick as resolved]Just open the thread that you want to class as resolved and click on one of the grey coloured ticks on the right hand side ,It will turn green and lets us know that the thread is now closed.

  Quickbeam 18:57 PM 15 Jul 11

Go straight for an Imax, anything less is pitiful.


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