21" monitor suitable for the everyday gamer?

  Bailey08787 13:27 07 Mar 03

or are they more suitable for high-end business graphic user types?

does the general quality of pic diminish for 21" monitors compared to 19" - just wondering as pca don't review any 21" monitors on this site.

Any recommend the latest, best monitors in the region of £200.


  Bailey08787 13:39 07 Mar 03

for example, is this a decent monitor? is it old? newish? worth £175

click here

  €dstow 13:42 07 Mar 03

I'm a "business graphic user" and I made some comments on 21" screen the other day click here

My comments probably hold more true for games as looking at the screen is so much more intense.


  darkjedimistress 14:44 07 Mar 03

It's excellent! Just make sure you are not right in front of the screen as it can give you a headache if you play intensively! I run it with a Asus V7700 GTS2 Graphics Card and it is fine for everything from surfing, watching dvds and game playing. I recommend it to for multi taskers as I regularly surf, have a dvd on and download all at the same time.

The amount of screen space allows you to view multi-tasks without having to swap between them!

I used to have a 17 Ilyama Vision Master Pro but this one is so much better!

  Bailey08787 17:30 07 Mar 03

any particular 21" recommendations?

  SpyMan²°°­­³ 17:35 07 Mar 03

See my thread. click here

  Bailey08787 16:45 08 Mar 03

i thought iiyama were pretty good

  bremner 16:49 08 Mar 03

Spyman has had a very unfortunate experience with iiyama (and Multivision) but this should be seen as very much the exception rather than the rule and iiyama remain one of, if not the best, monitor manufacturers. (IMHO)

  Rayuk 16:55 08 Mar 03

I wouldnt have thought you would get anything half decent for £200 for a 21" that is.
Go to click here and search for 21" CRT monitors cheapest showing is £370.

  bremner 16:58 08 Mar 03

Have a look at the FE post three or four down click here

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