2008 XP Medion laptop - If I restore to F.Settings will I lose Office?

  buel 19:06 17 Aug 14


I have a 2008 Medion laptop running XP. It's pretty slow but not awful so I have thought about restoring it to factory settings as it has a 'Restore' Drive (D). However, if I do this, can someone tell me if I will lost Microsoft Office, which I'm pretty sure came with it?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:36 17 Aug 14

If it came with it it will be reinstalled but you need to back up all your docs e-mails pictures music etc. as these will all be lost during the reset

  buel 19:42 17 Aug 14

Thank you Fruit Bat (as usual). Is there any way to tell if it came with it or not?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:51 17 Aug 14

medion usually issue discs with new machines

do you have the disks?

  buel 19:59 17 Aug 14

I doubt it although I will look......Can I ask how this will help, please?

  buel 20:02 17 Aug 14

I have found a 'Word Perfect Office x3' DVD that may have come with it?

  buel 20:57 17 Aug 14

I cannot find any other discs that came with this laptop. Would I definitely need it if there is a 'Recovery' partition?

  BRYNIT 22:09 17 Aug 14

To my knowledge Medion have only supplied trial versions of Microsoft Office but never a full versions they have however included a full copy of Microsoft Work suits this was preinstalled and a DVD disk with a product key was also supplied.

On old Medion Desktops not sure about laptops, had a partition that had the recovery files and also two folders one had the drivers and the other had preinstalled programs. Also supplied was a recovery disk that had a copy of the OS and an application and support disk for restoring the computer back to factory default this also had drivers and some programs.

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