2000 pro and Sleep

  HauxtonPhil 17:04 19 Jul 04

I'm working on a machine with Win2000 pro, connected to a keyboard which has a 'sleep' button. When I press Sleep the machine restarts. Anyone any idea on how I can make this button put the machine to sleep - or hibernation

  SANTOS7 17:09 19 Jul 04

Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.
Double-click Power Options.
Click the Hibernate tab, and then click to select the Enable hibernate support check box.

NOTE: If the Hibernate tab is not available, your computer does not support this feature.
Click the APM tab, and then click to select the Enable Advanced Power Management support.
Click Apply.
If you are prompted to restart the computer, click No.
Click the Advanced tab.
In the When I press the sleep button on my computer box, click Hibernate.
Click OK.
Restart the computer.

  HauxtonPhil 17:27 19 Jul 04

There was no APM tab - but I did the other things that santo7 suggested and in power management clicked the Advanced button and set Sleep to go to Hibernate - However - it hasn't worked - any other ideas? - could it be that I need to configure the keyboard somehow?

  SANTOS7 17:35 19 Jul 04

having searched a bit more there is a suggestion the sleep button is not configurable it only activates the power saving features if enabled

  HauxtonPhil 17:52 19 Jul 04

I have found that a screen saver prevented going into hibernation - however - if I set the power settings to go into hibernation after a period of time, I get a message saying that the keyboard is preventing it and that I may need to update the driver. I have tried updating the driver, allowing teh system to access the internet to find a better driver, but then get a message saying that the best driver is already installed - now where can I go? (apart from giving up)

  SANTOS7 17:53 19 Jul 04

click here may find some info here

  SANTOS7 18:00 19 Jul 04

click here im assuming its a microsoft keyboard

  HauxtonPhil 18:20 19 Jul 04

Thanks for that Santos7. I'm not sure whether to persue this further - the keyboard is very old and I'm not sure what is likely to happen if I install an IntelliType driver, as per your last link. Amongst other things, I would have thought that the 'intelligent driver finder' would have found the one that you pointed me to if it was suitable - or am I crediting it with more intelligence than it deserves?
I checked out the first link and have established that the machine is ACPI enabled.

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