20 gig hard drive only shows 10.7 gig

  bigboab y 16:44 27 Sep 06

Ive bought a 20 gig IBM Travelstar hard drive on Ebay.. the label says 20 gig .. but it only shows 10.7 gig in My Computer.. I have tried scandisk (all ok ) and a defrag... also ok tho'there were a number of files which couldnt be defragged...I dont suspect sumdy's changed the label.. but who knows .... any thoughts on why this should be??... could there be an operating system lurking on the other part of the drive???

  ed-0 16:47 27 Sep 06

Is it partitioned?

Maybe have linux on the other partition?

  ed-0 16:48 27 Sep 06

What operating system are you using to read it.

  dave9782 16:48 27 Sep 06

you may need to rezize the hard drive because sometime when you delete another partition the space remains unshown. You will need partition software first.

  ArrGee 17:01 27 Sep 06

FAT32 or NTFS?

  bigboab y 17:02 27 Sep 06

its running ME and shows only one drive with 10.7 gigs on it... usually a drive with 2 partitions shows two separate drives in My Computer.. I wondered if one of the heads in the drive just aint working..is that possible??? How can I partition it ?? Is there software to be got??

  bigboab y 17:03 27 Sep 06


  bigboab y 17:21 27 Sep 06

How do I find out if the drive IS partitioned??... then how do I partition it to leave only one partition?? So many questions ....... :-)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:32 27 Sep 06

If the other half of the drive is partitioned and formattd in NTFS the ME will not be able to see it.

try NTFS for Dos click here

  bigboab y 19:02 27 Sep 06

In an act of some desperation,I dug out an old W98se start up floppy... ran it with cdrom support... ran fdisk...to discover 10 gigs of NON-DOS partition !!!...farted about and eventually got rid of it..then made the hard drive main partition ... VOILA... all is well and god is in his heaven..thanks to all who contributed..speshly good ol' Fruitbat .. gave me the clue.. Cheers

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