20 bg hd showing up as 2gb

  gingepaul 17:20 13 Apr 03

my m8s just installed a new hdd, and thrown away his old 4 gb model, formatted the drive then installed windows.
now everthing works fine except it only shows up as 2 gb in my comp, now i asked him if he said yes to enable large disc support, but he couldnt remember, so is there a way to check/ fix this from windows?
muchos gracias.

  Elrond 18:04 13 Apr 03

He'd probably need to go into the bios to check for the large disk support. I suspect if he only had a 4 GB disk to begin with then he has an "older system" which may not support anything past a 9GBish. Also has he roved any cylinder limitation jumpers on the drive. There should be one jumper for it to be set to master and them there may be a second which id=s the Cylinder limitation jumper. Just a thought anyway. And will pop you back to the top for anymore knowledgeable suggestions

  woodchip 18:11 13 Apr 03

Are you running Win95 first edition fat16. Right click my computer and click Properties then check what you see. for the fat you can find out by double click on my computer then right click on C:\ drive choose properties

  gingepaul 18:14 13 Apr 03

no m8, he upgraded about 4 weeks ago but couldnt afford a hd at the time, so we got a asus kt333 mobo, 128 mb ddr 2100, my old athlon 1ghz, and new case, put it all together and installed windows 98 se, now he got his new western digital caviar 20 gb 2 days ago, and installed windows [now i told him to enable large disc support but dont know if he did] but i do know that the drive wasnt recocnised when set to master, but did when set to some other obscure setting, [no manual] so the cylinder limitation thingy might be the problem, i'll have a look,

  mcullum_DX4Life 20:20 14 Apr 03

What file system is it running on? FAT16 or FAT32?

  gingepaul 20:23 14 Apr 03

hes sorted it now, was a problem western digital new about and had a fix.

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