2 x 1.4GB Movies To 1 DVD Disc

  DavidM4 13:04 21 Jan 06

I have 2 1.4 GB movies on my PC and I want to put them both onto 1 DVD using Nero 7, if I can. If Nero won't do it what will?

They are in separate folders both containing AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders.

Thanks for any suggestions. Dave M

  PaulB2005 13:10 21 Jan 06

Try Nero - it might drop the resolution to fit the films on.

  DavidM4 13:14 21 Jan 06

They should both fit on a 4.7GB disc easily but I don't know the process with Nero 7, do I make a Data disc, movie disc or what?

  PaulB2005 13:16 21 Jan 06

Movie disk.

"They should both fit on a 4.7GB disc easily"

I have a long and boring thread somewhere. In it i managed to fit two MPEGs onto a DVD Movie Disc. Then when i tried to do 2 more which where smaller - Nero reports they don't fit!!!! Never found out why!!

  DavidM4 13:21 21 Jan 06

When I click on "burn DVD video files" the left hand window is an open VIDEO_TS folder do I drag n drop my movie VIDEO_TS folders into that?

  DavidM4 13:34 21 Jan 06

I wonder if it's because a 4.7GB DVD is only 120 minutes? Does that make sense?

  PaulB2005 13:35 21 Jan 06

Not sure - i've only used Nero Vision Express (6).

  daxian 13:42 21 Jan 06

hi all ....
i use nero vision express......
do the make movie option ,import media files ,make menu then burn to disk ....
nero will do the encoding and all that .hope this helps.

  alB 13:43 21 Jan 06

You could try a program called DVD Shrink, it's freeware so worth a look, I've used it to put bits of those free newspaper DVD's together on one DVD...alB
click here

  pj123 15:49 21 Jan 06

It's not just the file size that counts it is also the time. Most 4.7gb DVDs that I have made only give me 2 hours 48 minutes. So if your files exceed that time limit you won't get them on one DVD.

I am trying to transfer all my Beta tapes to DVD before my Beta recorder packs up. But as most Beta tapes are 3hours 15 minutes I have to split them up. DVD blanks are so cheap these days so does it really matter whether it is on one DVD or two?

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