2 Wireless laptops can't connect to internet

  PC1977 12:49 02 Mar 09


We have 2 wireless laptops at home, belkin router! We can only connect 1 of them to the internet at any one time, and have tried various things, I am not an expert but followed a few tips on the internet which have proved unsuccessful.
An advice on how to get them both working at the same time would be greatly appreciated


  mgmcc 13:29 02 Mar 09

It sounds suspiciously as though the router isn't connected correctly, so that your public IP address as allocated by the ISP is being passed to the first PC to connect. The second PC cannot get an IP address and so cannot get online. The *router* should get the address allocated by the ISP and, in turn, allocate addresses to the computers connected to it using one of the address ranges reserved for Local Area Networks, most commonly 192.168.x.x addresses.

Are you using a Cable/DSL Router with Virgin's Cable service and connecting the Cable Modem to a LAN port instead of the WAN port? What IP addresses do the two PCs have when you try to connect simultaneously?

  PC1977 20:35 16 Mar 09


Thanks for your input, this along with a bit of fiddling has solved this issue, your advice is very much appreciated

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