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  stronngbow 31 Jan 11

I have had my laptop 2 weeks and know nothing so any help would be appreciated please. At the moment I keep getting a message come up on the right side of the screen about my Norton secority. I will have to leyou know more about it when it comes up again as I do not want to lose this message and start. Being a beginner not sure how it works. I would like to spell it better but I also do not know how to get the spell checker up.

  stronngbow 31 Jan 11

I have just seen the web page that keep popping up when I first log on to the PC and it looks as if it is an avert. What can I do to stop this addvert please

  bremner 31 Jan 11

I understand you have limited knowledge but it is essential that you teport exactly what you see on the screen.

Describing it as an advert does not help us ascertain what is, if anything, wrong.

For example many anti malware applications, such as Super AntiSpyware, will display a splash screen when they load on booting up.

  wee eddie 31 Jan 11

Do you have an Anti Virus, installed, updated and running. You need one a.s.a.p.

It is most likely that your lappy came with Norton as a free trial of either 3 or 6 months. Given your current experience level, I would advise you to accept this. You will get about 18 months cover for approximately £45.00.

Depending upon which version of Norton is installed, it should cover Viruses, Ad-ware and most other Malware. When you have more experience, at the end of the Norton Contract, you can install, and run, the Free AVs and anti Ad-ware and Malware that many of us do.

There are lots of nasties out there, particularly if you are visiting "The Dark Side", and you need to protect your investment.

  Terry Brown 01 Feb 11

You new laptop comes with adverts for 'buy me' options (Companies hoping you will buy their product),normally by clinking on the link you get a trial period (up to 6 months) to access the software, hoever if you prefer a different program, that is your choice.



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