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2 video cards in one Mobo

  jkok 22:41 26 Apr 05

I have an AGP ATI 9800 and a pci ATI rage 128 all-in-Wonder, I would like to use both for different uses - is this feasible and how should I configure the system to allow this?? Especially in BIOS what should I do? Help...and thanks!

  dogtrack 06:21 27 Apr 05

Not possible unless you have one of the new motherboards, supporting SLI graphics. Even then, they need to be an appropriate matching pair of cards.

  DieSse 11:01 27 Apr 05

You most certainly can use an AGP card and a PCI card in a single motherboard (in fact you can use several graphics cards). Win has supported multiple grahics cards (and monitors) for all recent versions (Win98/ME/XP at least).

Just put in your second card, attach a monitor, and in most circumstances it will simply work. You will, of course need to load the drivers for the second card, as normal, after installation.

  pauldonovan 13:57 27 Apr 05

..the poster was envisaging using both cards on a single monitor, hence my opinion was that of dogtrack re: SLI being the way to do it.

Whilst you can have separate graphics cards i'm guessing that means having more than 1 monitor which jkok may or may not be looking for.

  DieSse 14:00 27 Apr 05

If you only have, and want 1 monitor, you could attach it to two cards via a standard monitor switch box if you wished.

  DieSse 14:02 27 Apr 05

PS - however there would be a few operational niggles - to get the correct display you would need to at least reboot and change the BIOS setting for which card (AGP or PCI) became the primary card.

  Technotiger 14:12 27 Apr 05

Hi, this may seem too simplistic/expensive, but if you want to use two different cards for different purposes why not get two pc's. You could also network them if needed.


  TomJerry 14:25 27 Apr 05

no need to do anything in bios

as an example, I use one agp card, one pci card and also onboard agp graphics, all from ATI, and I use them for 5 monitors (2 with agp, 2 with pci, 1 on-board.

  dogtrack 15:40 27 Apr 05

3 X Graphics cards....5 monitors....now i am confused (LOL)

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