2 versions of xp

  Hucky 13:13 12 Aug 06

when i boot up i get a screen saying there is 2 xp versions of xp which one do i want 2 use to boot up...can i delete one

  ade.h 13:22 12 Aug 06

Right-click on My Computer; go to Properties; go to Advanced, then to Startup and Recovery. Select the default OS (if you can) and remove the option to display the list of OSs. If you are feeling keen, you can edit your boot.ini from here and remove the problem altogether.

Note: this just removes access to the second OS. I don't think you would actually have two versions installed, so it is probably just a problem with the boot.ini file.

  Joe R 13:23 12 Aug 06


your boot ini file needs to be edited.

If you go to control panel-system-advanced-startup and recovery settings, click on the edit button, and copy and paste this text into notepad.

Save it to your desktop, and post the text into this forum, and I can advise you as to what needs editing.

  Joe R 13:24 12 Aug 06


too quick for me.

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