2 tvs connected to 1 scart socket

  thewasp 21:36 21 Jan 09

Not really a pc related question but hoping someone might be able to help.

I want to connect 2 tvs via scart from 1 scart output socket.

If I get a simple 2 way splitter, will I lose quality or do I need a distribution amplifier?

If possible want to keep full RGB signal rather than composite.


  woodchip 21:40 21 Jan 09

What are you wanting to connect to both these TV's

  DieSse 21:44 21 Jan 09

You can readily buy two, three, four (and possibly more) SCART splitters at most TV shops and places that sell SCART cables in general.

They're a standard item, and no you don't need an amplifier. Distribution amps as normally understood in TV terms are for signals via coax.

  eedcam 21:46 21 Jan 09

Get a box from maplins or argos they usually
support rgb much better than a splitter
click here

  thewasp 08:27 22 Jan 09

I want to connect the tvs to a sky box. I realise I could use the video out scart but that isn't rgb compatible.

Without an amp, is it likely that when both tvs are on the picture will degrade?

I have seen this
click here

  eedcam 08:45 22 Jan 09

I'd try the one argos has first providing you can take it back. For the kind of money that one you linked is way too much

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