2 scanners on one PC ?

  eedcam 09 Jun 11

The scanner on my epson all in one has gone Kaput .Now the Printer part is fine so want to keep it especially as have about 50£'s worth of spare cartidgesand itas a damn good Photo printer.If I get an epson scanner will this run ok without uninstalling anything on the multi.

The only issue I see is if you have any scanning software that automatically identifies the scanner. Me, I use the 'Scanners & Cameras' wizard to capture images from my scanner, so I imagine that, that way, you'd be able to choose what scanner you want to use.

  woodchip 09 Jun 11

Yes it should work okay. it may have a Drop Down on which scanner to use, but it should load a Desktop Scanner icon, I suggest you delete any Scanner Icons on the desktop before loading software for the new one. then you know its the correct one that you are double clicking on

  woodchip 09 Jun 11

If you use the Acquire in a Program it should be in a list showing both scanners. You need to test to find out the scanner that works in the program

  eedcam 09 Jun 11

Ok got it and all ok thought I might get probs as both epsons but it is available in all my editors .Did try and reply several hours ago but this silly site went into one of its please wait modes.Thanks guys


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