2 routers to same phone line?

  mad1234 13:32 16 Feb 07

can you use 2 routers on the same phone line or do you have to have a separate phone line for the second one?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:43 16 Feb 07


I don't think it is possible to use two routers, you can use two modems.

  mad1234 13:56 16 Feb 07

i already have a router setup but i need to network 6 pc's wirelessly but the distance from the router is too far so i thought that i could put in a phoneline extension & another router to connect 4 pc's(these ones need to communicate with each other) & leave the existing 2 on the router i have already

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:14 16 Feb 07

Not sure if two routers connecting to the same ISP on the same line will work.

you could wire from one router to the other with Cat5 cable (instead of phone extension). Only one router would then be on the phone line but all would be connected.

  €dstowe 14:16 16 Feb 07

Blimey, how far apart are these computers?

Could you install the router half way between the maximum distances of the machines you want to connect?

Or, how about a more powerful transmitter on the router. I don't know if this is part of the spec of wireless routers, I've never checked but, I do know that my old Netgear router at home had a far greater transmission distance than my current BT Home Hub.

  JayDay 14:19 16 Feb 07

How about using a wireless range booster? click here

  mad1234 14:35 16 Feb 07

what's a Cat5 cable?

  JayDay 14:47 16 Feb 07

It's a type of ethernet cable that supports fast speeds.

  mad1234 14:54 16 Feb 07

AHHH!! thanks i'll try that

  ed-0 14:56 16 Feb 07

" can you use 2 routers on the same phone line "

Not at the same time. You can use one with the other switched off and vice versa.

Either get a repeater, as above or think of getting a "N" speced router. these will give you a greater range in distributing the WiFi signal.

  mad1234 14:58 16 Feb 07

"N" speced router?
god i must sound thick!

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