2 quick questions i need help with please!

  gazmix 23:34 25 Jul 08

I hope someone can help!

1. In my windows live messenger, in the 'share files' button, it says 'create a sharing folder' & 'send a file or photo'! the latter is greyed out & won't let me do this!! How can i un-grey it to allow me to do this!

2. I get lots of spam at the moment! About a hundred overnight, this has increased over the last fiew weeks & i'm unsure why!! The only change in my system is that i changed firewall settings in my Ashampoo firewall to easy mode & not expert mode!!

Hope someone can advise



  C3 08:53 26 Jul 08

1. You can send files to another user by dragging the file into the pane where you usually type a message to them. The recipient can then choose to download it. I wouldn't worry too much about that Share Folder thing.

2. You don't say whether you have web-based email (such as Hotmail or Yahoo) or are using a program such as Outlook Express or Thunderbird), but a firewall does not control what email you get. if you are starting to get more and more spam mail then the chances are that your email address has been "harvested" off some website you may have written it on or from a mailing list you joined. Nothing you can do about it.
If you are not using web-based email, then you could use Mailwasher that will allow you to remove Spam before you download it, or use Thunderbird that has good junk mail filters in it.

  gazmix 11:57 26 Jul 08

1. The pics i want to send over windows messenger are in 'my documents', i'd usualy click 'send a file or photo' & i'd get the option to browse & open it! Would i have to have 'my documents' open all the time & ?, is there no way of browsing & attaching!

2. I do use Mailwasher. When i open MW, & retrieve mail, i get around 80 a day!
I then erase what i want & go to Outlook Express & recieve my mail to there!
I go to my webmail & 'mark as spam', the spam & yet i still get it!!


  rawprawn 12:05 26 Jul 08

The only sure way is to change your email address.

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