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2 questions re CPU fan.

  Sapins 11:16 17 Feb 05

1. Can I unplug the fan and then restart the computer to check whether or not it is making the loud noise I hear, then immediately reconnect it and re start it without causing any damage?

2. I have a fan controller fitted for 2 case fans. Can I connect the CPU fan to this and control its speed and hence the noise it makes.

I have software to monitor the temperature and fan speed of the CPU.

  tenplus1 11:24 17 Feb 05

If your motherboard has C.O.P. protectin then maybe you can switch on and the mobo will switch back off before you burn out your processor...

Another method is to get another fan and replace your current one to test if it really is the old one that's making a noise... much safer!

  Belatucadrus 11:38 17 Feb 05

Modern processors can burn out fairly quickly if not cooled correctly, so go with tenplus1 suggestion, try another fan. It simply isn't worth the risk.

Have you tried the simple approach and booted up with the case cover off ? there aren't that many options for making noise and it usually only take a few cycles to pin it down.

  Sapins 12:13 17 Feb 05

I don't want to get into replacing the fan if I can help it, what about my suggestion of using the fan controller?

The problem is I'm a little deaf and my wife has sensitive hearing, she says the computer is noisy.

  Dorsai 12:20 17 Feb 05

If it were me, I would open up the PC and use a long handled artist type brush, and just prod the fan with the bristles to stop it spinning. Then a second later you can let it spin back up to speed, and you will have found out if it is the culprit. Ditto for the other fans. As you will have only stopped is for a second or two you should be OK re overheating the CPU.

  Belatucadrus 12:28 17 Feb 05

How many input leads to the fan controller ? If 3 it could work, 2 and it's unlikely. If it does work adjust with extreme care.

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