2 printers in one pc?

  rickf 02 Dec 11

Never done this b4 but I now want to set up 2 printers on one pc, can I? Reason being I want to continue using the older one for documents and the new one for photos. Perhaps one as default? Any info/help appreciated.

  spuds 02 Dec 11

The answer is yes. You should be able to add another printer within your operating system. I use it with XP, not sure about the latest Windows, but I would image it should be possible.

There is also another way, which you can add a printer by buying something like a Belkin switching device (F1U40vea1?), which can consist of 2 to more outlets for other devices. Check out eBay for new or used.

  bjh 02 Dec 11

Yes, no problem whatsoever. Assume both are USB or wireless, just install them as you would a single printer. When you select "Print" from a program, you are able to select which printer you wish to use.

  Woolwell 02 Dec 11

As the others have said, there isn't a problem. I currently have 3 set up. One thing to watch out for is that latest installed one will probably automatically be assigned as the default printer. You may have to reassign the default printer.

  sharpamat 02 Dec 11

There is no problem at all, I have run at least two right back from XP thro Vista Win 7 and Win 8 DP

  rickf 02 Dec 11

Many thanks people. Good on you.

  HondaMan 02 Dec 11

Yes, it can be done quite easily. I have 5 printers hooked up to my PC and often they are all running different jobs at the same time. Gets quite noisy!


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