2 PC's - 1 Internet connection - Will it share?

  NormalMormon 19:29 23 Apr 04

If I linked two PC's together with a basic ethernet connection, would both be able to access the net (cable bb) or just the PC with the cable connection?

  Diodorus Siculus 20:01 23 Apr 04

click here - there is a guide here which may help. Posted in this thread: click here

  howard60 20:01 23 Apr 04

both can you use internet connection sharing for just 2 pcs you need a crossover cable and a network card in each pc

  NormalMormon 20:06 23 Apr 04

Cheers :)

  SEASHANTY 20:35 23 Apr 04

Using a crossover cable linked to the Lan outlets means that the main PC (connected to the modem) will have to be ON to allow the other PC internet
access. If you use a router with switch and connect
each PC to a router port wkith a straight through
cable (not crossover) then either PC will be able to access the internet without the other PC being switched on.

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