2 MSN Messengers on one PC

  Analyst02 19:47 20 Jul 04

Is it possible to have 2 versions of MSN messenger on 1 PC.

I have MSN 5 which i am very happy with and so do not wish to change.
My daughter wants the new version 6.2 and all that 6.2 offers. does anyone know if this is possible?

  iscanut 20:19 20 Jul 04

I have both and use either from time to time. I have Windows Messenger 4.7 & MSN Messenger 6.2. Both do the same although the MSN Messenger has more bells and whistles ! Have a look at click here
Windows Messenger 4.7 is the version that comes with WinXP.

  iscanut 20:22 20 Jul 04

PS..Sorry, should have read more closely as I see you do not use 4.7 so assume ver 5 is MSN..If so, please ignore my rtesponse !

  Analyst02 20:42 20 Jul 04

Taking your response abit further anyway.

If one is using MSN messenger, Can that person chat to someone who is using the windows messenger? just as if both were using the same messenger clients.

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