2 lines of "chinese"

  joncuk 16:53 26 May 04

Help, I am a technician at a school, one of my stations has suddenly refused to boot up. I can see a long line of what looks like chinese or indian characters. This appears only about 3/4 seconds into boot up after ide checks. If I try to get into bios before this appears I can see only a black screen.

Don't know what to do !! We are running Windows XP at the station,Windows 2000 server at the server, the processor is a celeron 700 with a Phoenix award bios. Any ideas? Could it have been hacked by a student?

NOTE, can't get into bios or rebuild the station via floppy disc or boot up in safe mode

  rawprawn 16:57 26 May 04

Can you boot from the OS CD and follow repair ?

  hugh-265156 17:00 26 May 04

any beeps?

  joncuk 17:07 26 May 04

Haven't tried to boot from OS CD as I normally just boot from floppy disc and invoke re-build from the server or restore from hard disk.

No beeps..it doesnt seem to get that far.

  hugh-265156 17:14 26 May 04

im no expert but if you cannot even get into the bios i would not hold out much hope of booting from a cd to repair.

i would try reseting the cmos jumper

  jimv7 19:19 26 May 04

Try another graphic card.

  Fruit Bat 19:23 26 May 04

Disconnect then reconnect MObo battery this will rest Bios get rid of passwords and hopefully you can then get back in.

  joncuk 13:58 18 Jun 04

Very sorry for delay in reporting back. Managed to get bios running again using fruit bat's suggestion of taking out the CMOS battery.

I have never seen anything like this before..
Again many thanks to Fruit Bat.


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