2 laptops - wireless network How?

  compumac 17:22 27 May 07

I have an Orange LiveBox and wish to set up a network connection fo both. How do I do this?

  Graham. 17:25 27 May 07

Do you have a wireless adapter? click here;jsessionid=B4D33FD6FFB636009C42D8E4A22DCB1B?resultType=5002&docProp=$solution_id&groupId=1&directSolutionLink=3&gotoLink=0&page=&clusterName=DefaultCluster&docType=1006&docPropValue=kb7905

  Graham. 17:26 27 May 07
  compumac 17:32 27 May 07

Sorry we know how to connect the Livebox to the internet, the question really - How do we connect the two laptops to speak to each other and connect to the internet?

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