2 Laptops sharing 1 printer.

  bassist1 15:41 13 Mar 08

I have 2 Compaq laptops which are connected wirelessly to a Dell PC.An Epson printer is connected to this PC via USB.I wanted both laptops to share the printer with the PC.With me so far?I proceeded to set both laptops up,All was fine until I got to the 'Browse for a printer'bit.One laptop found the printer,the other did not.Why would this happen?I went through the procedure keystroke for keystroke with each laptop,giving them different names,but keeping the workgroup name the same in each case.Any pointers anyone?

  Kemistri 16:41 13 Mar 08

Maybe you neglected your firewall configuration on one or more clients.

  bassist1 17:25 13 Mar 08

Thanks.Could you elaborate slightly on that.You're talking to a complete noobie here.

  ventanas 12:22 14 Mar 08

What version of Windows? In Vista you have to enable printer sharing via the Network options in Control Panel. It's one of a number of settings.

In XP it's somewhat more cumbersome. From memory you right click the network and choose properties from Control Panel. File and Printer sharing is in there.

  bassist1 14:52 24 Mar 08

So sorry for the delay in replying.It' XP Pro on both laptops.I just dont understand how everything worked fine on one,but not the other.

  recap 15:57 24 Mar 08

As you have Printer sharing on from the main PC you should be able to navigate through My Network Places from the compaq laptop to the main PC, right click the printer icon and select 'Connect'

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