2 HardDrives - how do I switch?

  Eusabius 13:08 17 Jan 06

Some time ago, after a major crash, I decided to install a second hard drive to solve the problem. This went ok, I installed windows onto the new (bigger) drive, transferred all my files from the old drive, formatted the old drive, and used the old drive for extra storage. Everything has worked fine with this arrangement, except that the new hard drive must be a good deal slower than the old one because some programs (e.g., Cubase and other memory intensive progs.) just won't work as they used to. So I want to switch the HDs so that the old one is the main one. What is the step by step process for this? Do I need to re-install windows onto the old drive and remove it from the new one, and then switch the master/slave settings on the back of the drives?


  MichelleC 13:26 17 Jan 06

You do need to install 98 onto old drive, so put all your data onto new then format old and install 98.

BTW what are the speeds of hd's?

If you got w2k or xp you could dual boot.

  stlucia 13:56 17 Jan 06

I don't think simply changing your drive should have slowed things down.

Are the programs that seem to be running slow having to use the two drives, for example? Even if they're installed on your new drive, with Win 98SE, are they accessing data which is still on your old drive?

  Eusabius 14:56 17 Jan 06

How do I find out the speeds?

  MichelleC 10:35 19 Jan 06

If you d/l Everest it'll tell you the speeds click here

Make sure both hd's are set for DMA:
Go to Device Manager/IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers, and open up Properties on each drive and check for DMA if available.

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