2 copies of all saved docs

  palinka 18:14 26 Nov 07

A neighbour has 2 folders containing identical files. One is called My Documents (as normal); the other is "Ann's documents". The contents are identical. I tried deleting the "Ann's docs" folder ( on the principle that you don't need 2 copies) and discovered it has the effect of deleting "My Docs" as well. In other words they seem to be shortcuts to the same part of the C drive. How can she delete "Ann's docs" and leave the docs just in "My Docs"?

  recap 18:30 26 Nov 07

Check the properties of Ann's docs to ensure they are not part of My Documents, or that Ann's docs is not a target folder for My Documents. If Ann's docs is not, booting into safe mode may be the only way to delete this folder?

  palinka 18:36 26 Nov 07

forgot to say :OS is XP; and "Ann's Docs" are in My Computer>files stored on this computer.
She thinks it happened as a result of a file brought home from her computer class!

  palinka 19:09 27 Nov 07

Would this solve it? If I copy all the docs stored in My Docs (and of course in Ann’s Docs) to disk (there are a manageable number to do that) and then delete the contents of My Docs; then delete the Ann’s Docs folder; I should then be able to copy back from disk to My Docs without Ann’s Docs re-appearing. Or have I missed something?

  recap 19:46 27 Nov 07

This may be a better approach.

Right click Ann's folder and select 'Move', navigate to the 'My Documents' folder and follow the instructions.

  DieSse 00:22 28 Nov 07

If you right click on My Documents on the desk top, and select Properties, - what exactly is shown as the Target Folder?

  MCE2K5 00:41 28 Nov 07

"Ann's documents" & My Documents, are one and the same, Ann is the Administrator.

So, just one directory of Documents.

  palinka 09:45 28 Nov 07

thanks everyone.
DieSse -re Target Folder: I don't know and can't check today, but I've arranged to visit her tomorrow and will report back then. I'll try recap's suggestion then, too.

  Batch 10:22 28 Nov 07

This sounds pretty normal (and correct).

Typically, each user has a folder called "aaaaa's Documents" where aaaaa is the user's name.

When you log in as a particular user, that user's documents folder is presented as "My Documents" to THAT user.

So, in the case in question "My Documents" and "Ann's Documents" would be one and the same thing and nothing to worry about.

  palinka 17:11 29 Nov 07

Whenh I went today the "ann's docs" folder had disappeared. Did a search but couldn't find it, only My Docs; so problem seems to have solved itself. (maybe result of my actions before starting this thread - I deleted "Ann's docs", discovered that My Docs had also gone to the recycle bin so restored My Docs. I thought at that time that Ann's docs had also been restored, but maybe not - thank goodness).Thanks Batch - I knew it was nothing to worry about, but for the sake of clarity as Ann is a newby I wanted to delete unnecessary folders.

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