2 Concrete walls - which router should I get?

  dis6 06:12 26 Nov 07

I live in an old home and want a very fast home wireless network to use with two computers, one of which a thinkpad about 50ft away and through two concrete walls. Which router should I get?

Thank you!

  Taff™ 07:05 26 Nov 07

Tricky one without a little more information. I assume the two computers are 50ft apart with two walls between them. I also assume you have a broadband connection, if so is it cable or BT type?

Ideally you want the Wireless Router (Modem) to be between the two, thus the signal would only have to penetrate one wall in either direction. I would also go for MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) wireless adapters - more chance of a signal getting round the walls.

  dis6 00:36 27 Nov 07

Thank for your reply. I have cable. I was offered a good deal on D-Link DIR-655 router so I will give it a try tomorrow, see how it goes. Read some good reviews of it everywhere.

  dms05 12:17 27 Nov 07

You might like to consider a slightly different approach and use a Homeplug system of Networking over your mains cable. I have a part wired and part Homeplug system and it works well. You can buy Homeplug with speeds of 85Mb/sec. Attach one to your router and the other to any mains outlet in your property, both by standard LAN cable, and you have a Network. Very secure as well - it works only on your mains cable and can be encrypted. click here for more information.

  Deb-232479 14:54 27 Nov 07

I live in a house with metal framework and concrete floors/ceilings. The Netgear DG834N modem router is powerful enough to reach all corners of my 4 bedroomed house. Just bought it for £90 including free WN121T USB 2.0 adapter from click here and I'm very happy with it.

  Ashrich 19:03 27 Nov 07

You'll need the accompanying adapters to get the best out of this superb router , and watch out as they are EXPENSIVE !! .


  dis6 20:08 27 Nov 07

Thanks all, I will post results when the DIR-655 is up and running, hopefully by Thursday. Ashley, the laptop I will be using in the far-away room has 802.11 n, (at least that's what the brochure said, a new Thinkpad T61) so I may not need an adapter.

  dis6 15:23 06 Dec 07

Hello all,
It turns out the DIR-655 router is just what I needed. I work at my laptop from afar, behind two concrete walls, and get an Excellent signal strength, with a speed of 144.00 Mbps. So far no cut-offs or problems.

Thanks again and best wishes,

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