1Tb sata wont format under fresh xp setup

  astroman2007 22:35 27 Nov 10

Hi All,

I have an computer and am trying to add a 1Tb sata drive to it. The motherboard is a gigbyte GA-7VA REV1.0 F9 BIOS (yes, it is old). I have a pata ata100/133 to sata adapter board. The bios detects the 1tb drive. I have XP pro sp2 setup cd. The setup detects the drive and can partition it. There are no other drives on the ide channel other than the converter and sata drive. The drive is a Hitachi HDS721010CLA322 from amazon.
But XP setup it won't format it. Any ideas?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:07 27 Nov 10

Have you selected NTFS and Not FAT32?

  astroman2007 23:40 27 Nov 10

Yes, I did select NTFS.

  GaT7 14:00 28 Nov 10

Can you try it in a another PC? If you don't have another, perhaps at a friend's or neighbour's? G

  Terry Brown 14:07 28 Nov 10

If you are using XP Home, I believe there is a limit to the size of the harddrive you can format.

You may have to split your drive into 2 500gb drives.

It may also be that the BIOS needs updating.


  GaT7 14:17 28 Nov 10

I think The motherboard's old chipset (click here VIA 8235) &/or IDE-SATA adapter may be the main culprits. Try connecting it to a more modern PC & formatting it there.

Same hard drive, but worse problem (non-recognition) posted at click here, which was apparently solved by following workarounds at click here. G

  bremner 14:18 28 Nov 10

XP has a 2TB limit due to having only an 8byte field in the MBR for total number of sectors. i.e. 2^32 x 512 = 2TB

It is likely to be a BIOS issue as Terry stated.

  T0SH 15:02 28 Nov 10

Ask Microsoft on Fat 32 drive size limit ?

click here

There are drive size issues when using Raid on Win XP with some of the more modern large drives
including the WD EARS drives, the drive makers should have a utility to prepare this type of drives for use on an XP system

Cheers HC

  T0SH 15:08 28 Nov 10

Just noticed you are using an SP2 XP Pro CD to get full SATA support without having to install SATA drivers it may be best to slipstream your XP CD to SP3

Or you could just load the MB Sata drivers at the Press F6 prompt early in setup


  astroman2007 17:40 28 Nov 10

Thanks for the input guys,

RE: Terry Brown
I have XP pro sp2 install disk. I even tried to partition/format the disk as a 2gb drive, it still failed.

I will format the drive in a proper sata computer.
Also I downloaded some Hitachi drive software to lower the transfer speed to 1.5gb from 3gb/sec to no effect. Software at click here

I have the sp3 disk,but, I don't know anything about slipstreaming.

I will try to format the drive in one the works sata computers tomorrow. If that works then the drive is ok and the card is at fault. I've ordered a pci sata I/II card of ebay (£8 and comes with drivers).
If the drive works then I will try the new card on my system. So much for doing it on the cheap.

I emailed the guy who sold me the ide to sata converter and he says "The chances are this card is not compatible with your machine hence its not formatting correctly. It really depends on the BIOs on your board whether or not it supports it."

I bought the card under the impression that I could hook any sata drive to the ide connector with it..Oh well.

If all this doesn't work, I'll stick everything back on ebay....;-)

I will let you know what happens.
Regards, Paul.

  GaT7 17:57 28 Nov 10

Excellent report that.

"I bought the card under the impression that I could hook any sata drive to the ide connector with it..Oh well."

It'll probably work with a more modern motherboard.

If you're going to slipstream SP3, then a free program called nLite click here will do it for you. It's very easy to use, but if any problems just ask. You'll need a blank CD/DVD (or CD-rw/DVD-rw) disc & a working PC that has a CD/DVD burner to prepare the slipstreamed disc. G

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