1TB External drive -USB or Mains

  compumac 10:27 23 Jan 14

I need yet an additional external drive should it be a USB or mains powered?

  compumac 10:31 23 Jan 14

I should have added that this external drive is for use with a desktop PC and not a laptop.

  rdave13 10:48 23 Jan 14

If it's not going to be that portable then I'd get a powered drive with a cooling fan if possible.

  mart7 11:08 23 Jan 14

I would agree,mains powered

I recently purchased this seagate and its very quiet,fast(usb3)and was recommended to me by a forum member,this is the 2tb version £64

click here 1tb version £57

click here


  wee eddie 12:14 23 Jan 14

I feel that as it will be USB3 (which delivers more power) and on a PC, rather than a laptop, and that Hard Drives have become hugely less power hungry of late, a USB3 one is adequate.

I am using a WD My Passport on a powered USB2 Hub with 6 other items connected. No problems. My PC is old with 4 (Legacy) USB1 Ports and only 2 USB2 Ports.

Can't see the need for an external power source

  rdave13 12:25 23 Jan 14

If it will be a 3.5" drive, I'd go for an OEM drive and put it in one of these. If going for a 2.5" drive then usb powered should be good enough.

  Woolwell 13:01 23 Jan 14

wee eddie - But you have an external power source which is the powered USB hub.

Personally I would go for a mains powered drive connected to a desktop.

  wee eddie 14:44 23 Jan 14

Woolwell: That is because my PC only has 2 USB2 sockets (The others are USB1) and a minimum of 5 items connected to one of them at any time. Admittedly all are not turned on at the same time but USB2 has a very limited ability to deliver power, particularly if compared to USB3.

Incidentally, the 7 Socket Powered Hub cost less than a Tenner.

  compumac 14:55 11 Feb 14

On my one PC there are two internal drives, one 1TB containing OS and programmes and the other 500GB that holds all of my data.

I currently have two powered external hard drives used for Acronis images and synchronised Data backup. The one is only 500GB whereas the other is 1TB. I am considering REPLACING the 500GB with a 1-2TB drive or alternatively ADDING IT AS AN EXTERNAL THIRD drive for backups.

I use Acronis for images and Acronis NonStop for syncing data as well as AllWay Sync for syncing data.

I also have another 500GB external drive for making backup images for my laptops as a separate arrangement.

I think that it was rdave13 on another posting who has an external drive that he only connects as a safety measure when making a backup.


1) Having a number of external drives - potential problems?

2) The advisability of leaving the new drive connected at all times?

All thoughts/comments/suggestions would be welcomed.

  wee eddie 16:23 11 Feb 14

With the current crop of Ransom Ware doing the rounds, it might be sensible to think of a way of isolating your Back-up System

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