1mbs or 2mbs download speed?

  Tick Tock 3 20:02 14 Oct 06

Is it just downloads that are faster with the 2mbs speed or can web pages load faster as well.

  rdave13 20:05 14 Oct 06

Just downgraded from adsl max to 1 meg and the pages load just as fast. Downloading is slower though.

  Tick Tock 3 20:18 14 Oct 06

So the advantage is purely download speed.

  rdave13 20:45 14 Oct 06

For me yes. I was also surprised that streaming video, like bbc news, was just as good, using real player or WMP.

  bluto1 22:01 14 Oct 06

If you`ve signed up for a 2MB Broadband service that figure refers only to your connection speed, not your download speed. Next time you download something have a look at the `Transfer Rate`, that`s your download speed. At least that`s the way I read it. If I`m wrong, and I`ve no problem with that, then anyone who really knows the difference please explain it in one syllable words.

  rdave13 22:54 14 Oct 06

If you download a program with a 2meg connection it downloads faster than if you only had a 1 meg connection.

Ie I download at roughly 920 Kbps. 2meg connection downloads, theoretically, at nearly twice the speed.

  Ashrich 23:08 14 Oct 06

920kbps is a hell of a download speed , as said above , that is a connection speed , actual speed of downloads will vary , but a rule of thumb would be 60k/sec for 1/2 meg , approx 120k/sec 1 meg , 240k/sec 2meg etc. These speeds are a rough rule of thumb.


  Woolwell 23:09 14 Oct 06

My understanding is that a webpage has to be downloaded to open. The speed at which this happens depends on the size of the webpage (this depends on the amount of graphics, etc), the speed of the internet connection, the server on which it is hosted and the size of the connection it has to the wider world. In practice with a lot of websites the difference isn't greatly noticeable. With broadband it all appears quick. It also depends on how busy the servers are. Hit a website at a busy time and it can take a while to download.
A 2Mb connection service can give download speeds at up to 2Mb but this depends on distance from the exchange and how busy the lines are.

If I'm wrong on this no doubt someone will correct me.

  rdave13 23:16 14 Oct 06

My download speed is about 920 Kbps which converts to about 117 KBps.
See the difference?

  Stuartli 23:31 14 Oct 06

Details of Kbps, kbps etc at:

click here

  rdave13 23:38 14 Oct 06

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