1GB of memory only shows 512 ?

  DomJolly 07:58 08 Feb 06

ive just bought a new single stick of memmory 1GB of pc 2700 333 SDRAM to replace the single 512 stick i had in already. the new stick is the same speed, voltage etc as the old one but only shows as 512 on boot up. i tried it in my second pc and in there it reads as 1gb.. any ideas ?

  wobbler 08:07 08 Feb 06

Does your motherboard support 1Gb sticks, check your manual or online at the manufacturers website.

  Gongoozler 08:08 08 Feb 06

Two possibilities that I can think of. The motherboard isn't designed to take 1G sticks of memory (you haven't told us which motherboard you have), or the motherboard is faulty. Have you tried the memory in a diferent slot?

  DomJolly 08:13 08 Feb 06

yes it has two slots which enable up to 2 GB in total to be used

  DomJolly 08:13 08 Feb 06

Motherboard is a PC chips K7 M825

  DomJolly 08:23 08 Feb 06

ive just tried the 1GB stick in the other slot, Same result.
I think The Motherboard is ok as it works fine with the old 512 in and also works ok with the new stick in, but does not seem any quicker .
Its just bugging me that its only showing up as 512 in this pc

  harristweed 08:30 08 Feb 06

Just out of interest...what does it show with both sticks in?

  Gongoozler 08:31 08 Feb 06

I don't know the pin allocation in memory, but normally 1G would require one more extra binary bit than 521K, and this bit could be faulty in your motherboard. I don't think you'll find the additional memory will make your computer a lot faster until you run a memory intensive application such as picture editing.

  DomJolly 08:35 08 Feb 06

just fitted the old 512 in other slot and it shows total memory 1.00GB

  DomJolly 08:46 08 Feb 06

ok........ no real prob. its all running ok.
thanx for your help

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