19" LCD advice sought

  Newuser2 14:02 09 Dec 07

Having originally decided on a LG L226WTQ monitor, I have realized that it will be to big, so I'm looking for a 19" LCD. Wide screen or otherwise.
Any thoughts, experiances appreciated.

  Gongoozler 19:12 09 Dec 07

Hi Newuser2. One thing you need to realize is that for a given diagonal size, which is what is quoted, a widescreen monitor has less height (and, incidentally, screen area) than a conventional aspect ratio monitor. It's also worth noting that an LCD monitor has a larger visible area than a similarly dimensioned CRT one. This is because a CRT is rated by the overall tube diagonal, although there is a significant part which doesn't produce a picture. I have a Samsung SyncMaster 205BW 20.5 inchwidescreen monitor which produces a superb image click here. I also have an Acer AL1716 17inch conventional aspect ratio monitor. This is also very good, but not quite up to the quality of the Samsung. The screen height is the same as that of the Samsung.click here

  Newuser2 20:27 09 Dec 07

Thanks Gongoozler.
The desk area that the monitor will be used on is quite small, so a conventional monitor is probably more appropriate, the other thing is that it will have to be wall mounted, that shouldn't be a prob provided both monitor/mount are to the VESA standard and that I can remove the monitor stand OK. I quite like the LG L1953. The reviews seem OK.

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