18 Windows updates tonight

  buteman 12 Apr 11

18 Windows updates tonight if you download them manually.

  sunnystaines 12 Apr 11

had 22 for w7, tried to post at 6pm but found can only reply not start new posts the title bar of the post keeps getting corrupted

  buteman 12 Apr 11

sunnystaines if using W/7 look out for a windows XP net framework update. I never noticed it till it started downloading. Must have either downloaded it or refused it as i see it has started downloading again after a long stop.

  Woolwell 12 Apr 11

Ouch - 27 for Office 2007 and Vista

  buteman 12 Apr 11

That one for Xp was also for W/7 so ok to download.

  sunnystaines 12 Apr 11


any other ideas still stuck cannot post a new thread only able to post replies

  Woolwell 12 Apr 11

sunnystaines Which browser are you using?

  buteman 12 Apr 11

sunnystaines I had the same problem at the weekend but it is working ok Now. Make sure you are Logged in before starting a new thread. I could not post a thread with an attachment it always failed. Is it a script problem as that is what I was getting. Such and such on line say 62 is undefined or something like that. Apart from that it is just a matter of waiting until PCA fix all of the problems. I had the same problem using Firefox and IE8.

  buteman 12 Apr 11

sunnystaines Did you fill in the Tags part at the bottom if not it will not post.

  sunnystaines 13 Apr 11

buteman no i left tags blank, what do i put in there

  buteman 13 Apr 11

sunnystaines Just put a heading for what you are posting. For instance something to do with TV repairs you just add TV Repairs. Whatever the subject of your post just add it into the tags part then press Post.


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