160GB HDD only shows 30GB

  greenimp 08:42 23 Apr 07

Hi all,

Fitted a new hard drive for a mate yesterday.
After booting from cd and installing xp, the drive only showed as about 5GB.
Went into disc management, which showed another 27GB as unformatted. I formatted this as a partition for him to get the pc up and running.
Where is the other 130 ish GB??

Do I need to download SP1 & SP2.
Is it possibly a bios prob with an ancient motherboard.
If the above how do I rectify it?


  jack 08:45 23 Apr 07

I believe you have got the 'bare'XP which had a disc size limit.- SP1&2 will resolve that.
You will then have to reformat again if you want a single partition.

  Jack Hackett 09:10 23 Apr 07

Also check that the drive isnt jumpered to limit its size.

Format the drive with the NTFS file system.

Install SP2

You may also need to enable 48bit LBA,
For example: Maxtor have a utility called 'Large Drive Enabler'.
although support for larger drives with 48bit LBA is included with Service Pack 2

  Jack Hackett 09:12 23 Apr 07

If your mate doesnt have an XP cd with SP2 then make your own.
click here
That way XP should see the whole of the drive right from the installation procedure.

  greenimp 09:25 23 Apr 07

Thanks guys,

So the easy way is to download sp1 then sp2, then in disc management reformat to produce the larger partition.

Slightly more complicated way, make the cd with sp2 and do a new install?

  Jack Hackett 09:37 23 Apr 07

No need to get SP1, just get SP2, as all service packs are cumulative.
Download the full admin version, dont bother with windows update. once youve got it burn it to CD.
click here

I highly recommend making an upto date XP CD with the latest SP integrated into it. When SP3 comes out I'll be making another one too.

  greenimp 16:39 23 Apr 07


Sorry to be a real pain.
Installed sp2, but still unable to see anymore than 32Gb.
Am now trying to make an xp/sp2 cd as recommended.
Have got to the bit where I have to open up a cmd window to extract the files, however I type each line, press enter and just get an error message about an unrecognised command??

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